Weekly Update Animation

I made a lot of progress on one of this game’s big projects this week: I have been working on revising the game’s animation.


Currently the game just displays a few sprites which are moved/rotated slightly, which I guess is okay except that it is all hard-coded. So I’ve been working on adding keyframe animations.  The interpolation between frames makes for much smoother animation.

New walking animation, using keyframes.

New walking animation, using keyframes.

Well, it would be smoother if I didn’t use the same placeholder artwork.  However, with this keyframe animation, I have a lot of flexibility to create new types of pigeons, even with different physiques, so that’s kind of cool.  I still have to integrate the animation logic into the game of course, but that should probably be easy.  I’ll be working on that in the next week.

New flapping animation

New flapping animation

I actually want to write an article on how I am implementing this feature, for anyone that’s interested.  I mean, it’s really nothing special, but there are a lot of little tricks I’m using, maybe some people would find such an article useful I hope?  Anyway, look for that in the next week, hopefully I’ll get something up.

Also, in case you are here for in-game footage, here is a closeup on pigeon crowd dynamics:

Now you can see why it’s so important to shove other pigeons out of the way sometimes. You can probably also see pigeon heads floating around due to a collision bug.


Screenshots and Animations and Bagels

This week, most of the work I did was to the underlying code, which isn’t exactly visible in the screenshots.  I spent a lot of time revising some of the rendering code from old-school OpenGL to more modern OpenGL (with shaders and what-not).  I have more to do with that still, but I’ve made some big steps so far, since everything is rendering as shaders now.  (Did I say these changes weren’t visible?  I guess technically they are all you see now!)

Also, I added bagels.

“Eyes off bro, it’s mine!”

Still no sound/music.  I have been thinking about bonus waves, but need to figure some things out first (such as how I want the player to unlock them).

Gameplay animations:


Check out these sick moves.



Here are some full-screen screenshots, so you can use them as your desktop background and pretend you are playing the game already.


It’s like Where’s Waldo. With pigeons.

Next week – still pursuing sound/music, but probably I’ll spend most of my time working on finishing the rendering logic changes and focusing more on marketing strategy (fun).