January 2019 Update

Here’s my list of remaining things, with tasks marked off that were completed since the last time I posted it:



  • Fix an audio error on mobile (specifically iOS, haven’t noticed it on Android at all) – FIXED
  • Render HUD within the safe area on Android devices (specifically those with rounded corners and the “notch”)
  • Fix an error with the tutorial screen when device is rotated

Gameplay Tuning:

  • Need some modification to birdie AI
  • Modify spawning patterns for food


  • Optimizations on the overall render pass
  • Fix depth rendering on sprites
  • Reduce doodads toward the center of backgrounds so they don’t hinder food visibility as much
  • Adjust colors throughout, so that foods stand out a little bit more
  • Revise some of the background patterns

Overall flow of the game:

  • Tutorial screen is annoying – pops up too frequently while player is learning controls


  • A few additions to background assets
  • More dog art
  • Definitely more pigeon art
  • Four more bonus foods
  • Create a loading/launch screen for mobile devices


  • Press Kit
  • Game Trailer


  • Keep reading about the steps needed to get the game into app stores.

The big one this past week was the render pass optimizations. More efficient rendering means I can add another render pass to fix my depth buffer issues.

So… this next week I plan to work on that – restoring the depth buffer for mobile builds – and also I want to add some bonus foods.

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