January 2019 Update

Here’s my list of remaining things, with tasks marked off that were completed since the last time I posted it:



  • Fix an audio error on mobile (specifically iOS, haven’t noticed it on Android at all) – FIXED
  • Render HUD within the safe area on Android devices (specifically those with rounded corners and the “notch”)
  • Fix an error with the tutorial screen when device is rotated

Gameplay Tuning:

  • Need some modification to birdie AI
  • Modify spawning patterns for food


  • Optimizations on the overall render pass
  • Fix depth rendering on sprites
  • Reduce doodads toward the center of backgrounds so they don’t hinder food visibility as much
  • Adjust colors throughout, so that foods stand out a little bit more
  • Revise some of the background patterns

Overall flow of the game:

  • Tutorial screen is annoying – pops up too frequently while player is learning controls


  • A few additions to background assets
  • More dog art
  • Definitely more pigeon art
  • Four more bonus foods
  • Create a loading/launch screen for mobile devices


  • Press Kit
  • Game Trailer


  • Keep reading about the steps needed to get the game into app stores.

The big one this past week was the render pass optimizations. More efficient rendering means I can add another render pass to fix my depth buffer issues.

So… this next week I plan to work on that – restoring the depth buffer for mobile builds – and also I want to add some bonus foods.

New Year’s Post – 2019

It’s 2019!  Will this be the year that we release A Park And Pigeons?

That’s the plan!  I thought I was close last year, but I had several things I had to redesign for mobile support (specifically on Android OS).

Not this year though. I’m working my way through a short list of remaining things to do, and one of those things is actually getting the game submitted to the app stores.  So yeah, that should be happening soon.

For now, I have a few things on the list I’m finishing up.  After that I’ll post another status update with the list from last week.

Happy New Year!