Status Update – IndieCade 2017

My ideal weekend update involves putting a gameplay sample out across social media (specifically Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit) tagged as #screenshotsaturday.  The Reddit post includes a short write-up of what I did during the week.  I also write an update for this dev blog which has mostly the same information, which goes out on Twitter and Facebook.

Some weekends though, I just don’t have the time or energy to do all of that, so I end up just doing the Twitter/Facebook thing and calling it good.  Or I might also do Reddit.  Or the dev blog.  In any case, this is one of those weeks, but since it’s been so long since I last did one of these here, I thought I should, especially since something cool happened last weekend.

Before I do the update – last weekend I submitted A Park And Pigeons to IndieCade 2017.  For those who don’t know, IndieCade is an independent games festival, basically the video game industry’s Sundance.  Every year, thousands of developers submit games that are reviewed by a jury, which chooses games to showcase at the festival, and games for the festival’s award ceremony.

It was a lot of work getting the game ready for submission.  I wanted to have a stable build, running in a stable environment, with easy-to-use controls (i.e. gamepad support).  Plus there were still some glaringly obvious bugs with the game that I needed to get cleared up.  So I spend the last several weeks getting the game into some sort of semi-polished form – the best I could get, since it’s not a complete game yet.

In any case, here’s my status update for this week:

  • I sort of took the week off from working on the game, to reset after cramming for the IndieCade submission.  Still, I did go in and clean up most of the changes that resulted from cramming, and committed what I wanted to keep to source control.
  • I also started working on some new artwork for the game.  That’ll probably be next week’s update.

Here’s the video for the week:

See you next time!

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