Status Update – Lighting and Rendering

This week I worked on two main areas:

  1. Lighting: Previously, all of my lighting was hardcoded in the method that renders the scene.  Now it’s all hardcoded in a separate class.  That’s one more step to making lights configurable, as the game will eventually have multiple parks to choose from.
    Also with the lights, instead of moving them with each wave, now the lights stay the same for each cycle.  At the end of the crowded wave, when the cycle starts over, the lighting shifts to the next phase.
  2. Rendering: I added vertex array objects for all the sprites, which gives me a small performance boost.  I still notice some slowness on the crowded wave (mostly on my laptop).  There are a couple more ideas I have for boosting performance, maybe I’ll write up a more detailed post later this week.

And for those of you who just tuned in to see the sample:

You realize you can view these weekly samples on the 4000 Pounds Twitter and Facebook pages, right?

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