Status Update – Sound!

This week I worked on a few different sub-projects for my game.  Lately, the things I’m working on are a little bit of a struggle, but I’m keeping at it:

  • Sound!  I finally added sound effects to the game.  It’s been… a while since I last mentioned them.  But the game has sound now.
    Like most other things, what I have are just placeholders for now.  Implementation was fairly easy – the hard part is trying to find good pigeon sounds.  Have to keep looking.
  • Player controls:  I am working on revising the controls, taking out some of the player’s special moves.  I know that sounds like it sucks, but while the “flying” and “long-dash” abilities were well-intentioned, as I’ve tested the game I found them to be more annoying than anything.  Especially when I’d do them by accident.  Working out some other special moves though.
  • Progress Screen: I’m working on adding a screen to show the player’s high score, achievements, unlocked things, whatever.

Here’s this week’s sample, with sounds:


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