Status Update – Bugfixes and Performance

Okay, here’s the update.

I spent this week mostly working on fixing bugs:

  • Enemy pigeon AI states were being preserved between successive pigeons – now each AI state resets when the pigeon spawns.
  • Incoming player sometimes had wonky physics – now it works like it’s supposed to.
  • Player has a little better control over where they will land after being scared off.

I also hooked up my very-simplistic profiler and did some quick performance analysis.  I’m not having a lot of performance issues, but I do notice it getting slower as the number of birds increases.  Here’s something I found that seems interesting:

Each frame takes three passes through the entities (birds, food, dogs, feathers):

  1. First, to update.
  2. Then, to render shadows.
  3. Finally, it renders the surface and then takes a final pass to render the actual sprites.

Rendering is certainly the biggest cost here.  Still, I see a concerning amount of time spent on just the update pass, and I’m not finding anything peculiar happening in it.  So I think a large enough chunk of time is spent traversing the entity lists, that I’ll likely see a noticeable improvement if I collapse all of it into a single pass.  We’ll find out soon, I hope.

Here’s a gameplay sample for this week:

Check back next week!

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