Status Update

I get so little traffic here (besides the spam bots that abuse the comments section), but I know I still should really update every week.  So let’s get to it:

I was actually out of town this week – my wife had a conference in Las Vegas, so I worked from my laptop in our room in the Luxor while she was doing the conference thing.  Here’s what I worked on:

  • There were a number of lingering bugs with the game’s timing, specifically around food dropping and feathers spinning.  So I wrote more sophisticated physics, and now those things aren’t problems any more.
  • The game used a hard-coded screen resolution – now it pulls this dynamically.
  • Small birds will now retaliate much like pigeons, although only when you scare them away by dashing.  They still get scared whenever you get too close, but they don’t retaliate.
  • I did some research on how I will port my game to mobile, so hopefully there will be some development there in the coming weeks.

Here’s a gameplay sample for your enjoyment:


And that’s all for now.

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