Status Update: Hot Dogs

Let’s do the update.

  • I did a lot of code cleanup behind the scenes.  Most importantly, I worked on separating the Game and Engine logic as much as possible, so I’ll be able to re-use as much of this codebase as I can in the next game or two.
  • I’ve started working on the logic to add achievements that will unlock additional pigeons, types of food, possibly bonuses.
  • I added another bonus food: Hot dogs!

Here’s this week’s sample:

See you next week!

Status Update: Pigeon AI

Here’s my update:

  • I worked on fixing a bunch more bugs related to the Crow bonus challenge feature I added recently.  Some of these were really bad scenarios, where you could scare the crows away, but still no food would spawn, and you’d just wait for the game to end.  So… glad to have those issues fixed!
  • I merged a lot of the pigeon and crow code together into a single generic class named “Bird”.  It’s a little easier to work with, and I’ll have options to add other types of birds if needed.  I was thinking of maybe adding some little sparrows or songbirds as sort of a decoration.
  • The pigeon AI was pretty stupid before – it just randomly chose to do things.  I made some pretty direct improvements to it now.  It still sort of randomly chooses what to do, but now if the pigeon starts hunting for food, it KEEPS hunting for food.  And if the pigeon turns hostile toward you, well, look out.

Here’s a sample video of me getting pushed around by the new AI:


See you next week!