Status Update: Crows!

Last status update of the year.  Kind of surprising – I’m not as far with this game as I wanted to be, but I’m still really surprised how far I’ve gotten with it.  I keep adding to my to-do list for the game, but the list is getting smaller faster than I’m adding things to it, which is a good sign.  Hopefully I can get this game done soon and move on to the next.  I’m actually looking to prototype something new soon.

Alright let’s do the update:

  • I did a little testing of my Windows port – it had been a while, so naturally several bugs were introduced.  The most obvious issue was that my shadows weren’t working!  Minor fix, but it’s working now.  Still need to try out the Mac port again.
  • I also started adding a new bonus challenge for the game: Crows!  When you collect a black feather, the Crow challenge is activated on the next wave (kind of like the Dog challenge).  Basically, a crow will periodically land on the screen.  But whoever’s feeding these pigeons doesn’t want to feed crows.  So they won’t.  No food will drop until you scare the crows away.

They are absolutely a work still in progress.  Lighting’s not working, they don’t scatter at the end of waves or the game, their AI is a little wonky (which is weird because they should be using the same stupid AI as the pigeons – but I’ve noticed things, like wandering into the corners and getting stuck), and also I want to make the crows a little bigger than the pigeons.

I guess these are the things I’ll be working on next week.

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