Status Update – Bonus Screens

A lot of structural code changes, not a lot of visual changes this week.  Here’s what I did:

  • I had been mostly using old OpenGL transforms throughout the game, which are deprecated, and I finally made the push to switch these out for self-managed matrices using GLM.  So that’s nice.  It’s not something you can really see from a screenshot or video or even playing the game, but it’ll make development easier (I h0pe).
  • Also, I was using OpenGL display lists.  Not anymore.  I still need to switch to vertex buffers.  In the future, most likely.
  • The only real noticeable change this week, I added a Bonus Challenge Announcement screen – when a bonus challenge starts at the beginning of a wave, the gameplay pauses while the challenge flashes across the screen.  It’s kind of ugly still, but has potential:

I think this week I will play around with adding another bonus challenge, and do some testing of my recent changes in Windows and Mac environments.  Hopefully soon I can start looking at porting to mobile, which is the main place I want to sell the game.

Also still working on a better name for it.

Meet you back here next week, and happy holidays for whatever holidays you celebrate!

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