Status Update (do not freak out)

…we proceed onward in our quest to get better at posting status updates regularly.

Well, it’s been a while. I can’t say I’m surprised how bad I am at posting articles to this dev blog. But it’s a new day and I can try again.  Just know that the project, and the company, and me – we’re not dead.  Just very busy and forgetful.

I’ll keep this simple.  Here are the things I accomplished with the game this week:

  • I revised the underlying sprite logic, specifically the pieces that load spritesheets, but also some of the rendering code.
  • I revised food (and bonus items).  The code is a little cleaner now, so when I go to start adding more types of foods to the game, it’ll be less of a hurdle.
  • I continued working on my collision issues.  I’m not liking the changes to the bounding geometry at all – and if I’m being honest, I never really had a problem with the collision itself, just the way it rendered when pigeons were close enough to overlap.
    Well then, depth maps to the rescue:
  • I also played around with some simple lighting.  I’m now able to add a light source to my scene and move it around, and the sprites light up and shade properly.

Please do check back next weekend.  I will do my very best to post another update.  I may even have a name for the game by then (haha one can hope).

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