Small Update: Follow the Mouse


I spent a lot of time, this week, wishing I remembered calculus as I tried to figure out how to tell if two transformed unit circles intersected.  It has to do with fixing the collision issues with the pigeons.  And the result is… wow I suck at math.

And I used to be so good at it.

Well I’ll keep working on that.  In the meantime, I added mouse controls to the game this week.  This feature isn’t really important for playing the game, but it’s a step toward implementing and testing touch controls, which is my real aim.

Other things – I started working on some promotional artwork, but it hasn’t gone very far.  Also, I’m really trying to brainstorm a better name for this game.

Update: Keyframe Animation Integrated

I spent a good part of the weekend working on keyframe animation, so that’s why this update is so late.

Keyframe Animation - Pigeon

Really the only improvement I made last week is that I finished the new animation logic, and integrated it into the game.  It’s looking pretty smooth:


I have animations for pigeons:


I have animations for dogs:


As usual, everything is still placeholders – I want to get the logic right before I really start polishing the graphics, and this change in animation methods was a great example of why.  But things are getting better.  Slowly.

Weekly Update Animation

I made a lot of progress on one of this game’s big projects this week: I have been working on revising the game’s animation.


Currently the game just displays a few sprites which are moved/rotated slightly, which I guess is okay except that it is all hard-coded. So I’ve been working on adding keyframe animations.  The interpolation between frames makes for much smoother animation.

New walking animation, using keyframes.

New walking animation, using keyframes.

Well, it would be smoother if I didn’t use the same placeholder artwork.  However, with this keyframe animation, I have a lot of flexibility to create new types of pigeons, even with different physiques, so that’s kind of cool.  I still have to integrate the animation logic into the game of course, but that should probably be easy.  I’ll be working on that in the next week.

New flapping animation

New flapping animation

I actually want to write an article on how I am implementing this feature, for anyone that’s interested.  I mean, it’s really nothing special, but there are a lot of little tricks I’m using, maybe some people would find such an article useful I hope?  Anyway, look for that in the next week, hopefully I’ll get something up.

Also, in case you are here for in-game footage, here is a closeup on pigeon crowd dynamics:

Now you can see why it’s so important to shove other pigeons out of the way sometimes. You can probably also see pigeon heads floating around due to a collision bug.


Project Update


Hello.  It’s been a while. Well, maybe not that long really, but too long I think.  I’ve been planning/researching/testing changes to animation and figuring out how to market the game.  Also been thinking of a new name for the game.  Things are going slow right now and I don’t really like it.

As for actual work done, I still haven’t made a lot of observable changes to the game (without looking at the code), and I just don’t know how useful it is to say I’ve been cleaning up messy code and similar tasks.

Although I have also been working on a game development article that I hope to post here some time in the next week focusing on the changes I’m making to animation, so if that interests you, be sure to come back and read it!