Screenshots and Animations and Bagels

This week, most of the work I did was to the underlying code, which isn’t exactly visible in the screenshots.  I spent a lot of time revising some of the rendering code from old-school OpenGL to more modern OpenGL (with shaders and what-not).  I have more to do with that still, but I’ve made some big steps so far, since everything is rendering as shaders now.  (Did I say these changes weren’t visible?  I guess technically they are all you see now!)

Also, I added bagels.

“Eyes off bro, it’s mine!”

Still no sound/music.  I have been thinking about bonus waves, but need to figure some things out first (such as how I want the player to unlock them).

Gameplay animations:


Check out these sick moves.



Here are some full-screen screenshots, so you can use them as your desktop background and pretend you are playing the game already.


It’s like Where’s Waldo. With pigeons.

Next week – still pursuing sound/music, but probably I’ll spend most of my time working on finishing the rendering logic changes and focusing more on marketing strategy (fun).

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