More Pigeons! And a little dog too!

This week I added multiple types of pigeons.  This was more work than it seems, as I sorta overhauled the sprite-loading process first.  As for the pigeons themselves, I basically took the same graphics and did some color tinting on them.  Not very creative, I know, but they’re still placeholders.


But that’s not all I did.  I also added another character to the game.  Beware the unbeatable terrier:



Okay, technically the dog was already partly implemented, but there was no animation or intelligence to it.

Next week: I will be adding a “game over” screen which shows the player’s score.  Also I’m going to add scoring.  I’d also like to work on some background art, instead of the plain gray background.  Also, I want to work on adding sound/music.  Not the actual sound/music of the finished game, just the implementation with some sample sounds for now.

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