Another Weekly Update

Latest update:

  • I’ve added to the animation logic so that pigeons flap their wings when they fly away.  The art still needs work, but the logic is in place now.  That said, I’m considering replacing it with “models” and keyframe animations, but that’ll come if and when I need it.
  • Enemy pigeons retaliate.  So if the player scares them off too much, they’ll start attacking the player back.  Of course, there is no damage in this game – they can’t hurt you – but getting scared off the screen temporarily makes it hard to keep eating food.

Gameplay animation:


And enemy pigeons dishing it back:


This next week, I’m going to be working on adding a variety of pigeon types (which adds some complexity to enemy pigeon retaliation).  It’ll probably just be the same graphics with a color filter for now, the goal will eventually be to have different artwork for each pigeon type.  I might have another surprise, if I have time.

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